Latest SEO News and Updates from Experts in 2021

Search engine optimization or SEO rules change all the time. Google doesn’t explicitly say how the algorithms work, but experts base their conclusions on analyzing different strategies. It’s challenging to figure out how to do well in SEO. The key is to be flexible and adaptable. Understanding the latest SEO news is a good start. Here are some updates that experts want business owners to know. 

Understand user intent 

Sure, there are technical SEO aspects to consider to do well. Failure to understand these technicalities could harm the SEO efforts. However, it’s not always about technical SEO alone. To do well, experts suggest the understanding of user intent. Why do people type the keywords on Google? What information are they looking for? The website should answer what people want and satisfy their reason for searching in the first place. When the keywords match with user intent, it’s easier to convince potential customers to buy. If not, they will have a reason to come back for more. 

Create a responsive website

Back then, creating a website that loads quickly on mobile devices was an option. Not everyone uses mobile phones for online transactions before. Today, it’s no longer just an option. It’s a priority. Websites that aren’t responsive enough will get ignored. Apart from looking terrible, the loading speed is also slow. No one wants to open websites that aren’t convenient enough. Google also announced that responsiveness is a standard to consider when ranking websites. Hence, a slow loading page will push the website down. Even if the other elements are perfect, this issue could hurt the chances of ranking high. 

Create top-quality content

By now, this information is no longer new to people who have been doing SEO for a long time. Everything is about quality content. It’s not enough to rank high on search engines and convince people to open the link. They also need to receive quality informative upon arrival at the website. If they don’t find any right relevant, these visitors will close the page right away. 

Web content isn’t necessarily about selling products and services. No one wants to open a website and see ads all over the place. It’s the same feeling when ads appear on Facebook and YouTube. It can be annoying. Instead of telling people to buy, given them a reason to trust the brand. Write quality content that can help establish authority. Talk about relevant information, news, and updates. The content doesn’t have to sell products upfront. There might be a sentence or two within the content that tells people to take the next step and buy. Establishing trust through quality content will give potential customers a reason to come back. They might not buy now, but they will do it in the future. As long as they have a reason to place the brand on their shortlist, it’s good enough. It takes time to establish trust, and it starts with having quality content. 

Video content is king 

If the previous strategy involves the creation of quality articles published on or off-site, it’s great. Many people read the information found in quality articles. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to spend several minutes reading. People prefer consuming information through videos. It only takes a few seconds to absorb some details. If the target audiences are always on the go, these videos help a lot. 

The key is to create entertaining or informative videos. People love watching hilarious videos that make sense. They also love learning something new. The problem is most companies use video content to attract people. The goal is to stand out by constantly punishing top-quality videos. Analyze what they’re looking for and provide unique information. Diversify the video content too. From short clips to long explainers, all of them work in attracting attention. 

There should be no glitches and security issues

Going back to the technical aspect of running a website, potential threats can be destructive. People might trust the brand, but they will never come before to the website. Imagine if they opened the page and it tells them to leave due to potential viruses, malware, or spyware. These issues could put them at risk for identity theft and other security problems. Find a way to secure the website and not give visitors a reason to worry. The same applies to glitches. When visitors open the page, they shouldn’t see the word “error” in it. It shows the potential problems on the website. It’s also a sign of a lack of maintenance. When these users realize that the company doesn’t focus on web maintenance, they will feel turned off. 

These issues will also push the website down. Google will only rank websites if there are no errors, threats, or issues. Google won’t endorse websites to the users if they end up with too many problems. 

Stay updated with SEO news

Again, changes happen all the time. These are only a few of the relevant updates business owners have to know in SEO. Always stay updated and avoid getting behind the competitors.