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Not since E3 occurred in June of 2010 had we heard visit anything about the exceptionally expected Legend of Zelda title, Skyward Sword. Subsequently, with the Game Developer’s Conference, or the GDC for short, coming around in March many fanatics of the series became energized at what they could see.

Nintendo has been utilizing the Game Developer’s Conference to uncover new Zelda data for a really long time. The last Zelda title, Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo Dual Screen was displayed at the GDC and assumptions were high with respect to what Nintendo could uncover for Skyward Sword.

As Nintendo’s feature discourse started there was no notice of the Zelda series at all. An hour into the show and nothing was even indicated for the series. For Nintendo realized we were generally getting anxious so they blurred the lights and set on a trailer featuring the game’s new movement controls.

For those of you who don’t know, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword will utilize full 1:1 movement controls to exploit the Nintendo Wii’s regulator capacities. The trailer zeroed in fundamentally on how the controls will be unique however it additionally showed a few new elements that will be remembered for the game.

Above all else, Nintendo truly featured how Link (the legend of the Zelda games) should track down inventive new techniques to dispatch the adversaries of the game. Before, most adversaries were taken out by cutting at them with the sword until they kicked the bucket. In Skyward Sword every adversary has their own separate shortcomings and players should figure out how to utilize the movement controls and 1:1 set-up to vanquish that enemy.

For example, there was a scene in the trailer where Link needed to point his cuts to destroy a boundary that a foe was utilizing. There was additionally an example where Link needed to keep his equilibrium as a foe moved toward him on a thin entry.

At long last Nintendo prodded us with the presentation of another person in the trailer. This baffling person resembles Vaati from past Zelda games and yet he could be in a real sense anyone. Companion or adversary.