Starting a Small Business – A Few Things That You Absolutely Must Know Before You Take the Plunge!

“Is there such a thing as FREE Help Starting a Small Business?”

I get asked this question all the time. Getting started is the worst part of starting out and we all want to get it right. We are also usually pretty broke in the start up process and the word ‘free’ takes on a whole new meaning for us.

I am assuming you want to start an online business. Almost anything else you can run from your home like selling vitamins or makeup comes with training.

There is plenty of help available and much of the best is free. You can:

1. Go to Google Adwords. They are primarily visit their website a Pay Per Click operation, but they have an excellent library of e-books you can download at no charge. You see, it’s not very complicated building a small business on the internet. What is unfamiliar is how the internet and the search engines operate. For example, when you do a search for anything, you end up with a list of 10 sites on your screen. Those are deemed to be the most relevant to your search. How much did they pay to be ranked top 10? Nothing, it is free.

2. Investigate Squidoo. Sign up for a free account and this gives you access to a huge free library including how-to videos and lots of e-books on doing business on the internet. They will even encourage you to start a web site on their site (it’s free!). You don’t have to be ranked among one of the best small businesses to be with them. They specialize in helping newbies like you who are just on the verge of opening a small business.

3. Do searches on different subjects as they come up. If you are wondering what search engine spiders do, run a search. If search engine optimization has you buffaloed, do a search. Learn. The most important lessons you will learn come free.

4. Find forums on what you want to do and join in the conversations. You will learn a ton of stuff from these people and this information is free. The best small businesses are started by these folks.