Stop smoking cannabis – 3 secrets to success

So, I’m really grateful that you’ve decided to quit smoking cannabis. When you first learn how to go about it you’re certainly starting on the right track. I’ll share three things in this post that hopefully be beneficial to you as you work towards giving up.

1.) Stay Focused

The first, and possibly most important thing that you need to be aware of is that you must remain focused. It is important to visualize the final outcome in your head , and continue contemplating it while you endure the difficult withdrawal process Cannabis Transportation .

Of course, in order to be focused on your goals, you must first define the goal, don’t you think? What is the reason you are doing this? Why are you deciding to stop? What was the reason that led you to make that choice? These are the kinds of questions that you’ll be asked honestly.

2.) Learn from mistakes

The next step isn’t so easy to understand. When you’re on your way to becoming completely clean, you’ll have to attempt a myriad of ways to quit smoking cannabis. Some will work, but some will not. It doesn’t matter in the long run as that you’re willing learn from your mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes and you should not be smug over them, but it is essential to learn from them.

I remember when I was trying to quit smoking cannabis. I carried a notepad around with me and kept track of everything I learned every time I made an error. This helped me get everything in order and I was able to stop smoking without having any major mishaps throughout the process. To be clear one of the rules I wrote down was “never spend time with the same people that you were smoking with”. Obvious, right?

3.) Reward the progress you have made.

As humans, we perform better when we know we’re working to achieve a goal. You must give yourself a reward each success. This will keep you motivated. If you’re thinking about it what the reward will be, it won’t be a cigarette however I’m certain you’ve already known this. In the end, you’re trying to quit smoking cannabis, aren’t you?

Maybe you could visit an establishment you love every when you’re successful? Perhaps you could reward yourself to that piece of candy that you like to eat? Perhaps your partner might throw a small party each time? It’s up to you. Be sure to have some sort of reward in place for you.

The decision to stop using cannabis is likely to be one of the most difficult decisions to make. You’ve made it through the hurdle, and things are going to be much easier particularly if you follow my suggestions to heart.