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A glass teapot can also make a wonderful gift for anyone, either those just developing a taste for tea or any already self confessed tea lover, either on its own or as a focal point for a tea themed gift basket.

A glass teapot is also a delightful and almost blooming flower tea magical seeming way to enhance the beauty and charm of your own daily tea ritual, as a glass teapot lets you enjoy fully the true tea experience as you watch the beautiful rich colors that are released by your brewing tea, watch as the leaves swirl and swoop born about the teapot on the heat waves of the warm liquid within the glass pot.

Because of its transparent properties regular glass fits into almost any room decor and a glass teapot is no exception often becoming an attractive centerpiece for the dinner table? The teapot itself will often become a great conversation topic, particularly when a blossoming or blooming tea is served within it. If you are already an experienced blooming tea drinker then you already know that the only way to correctly treat a tea blossom is to steep it within the belly of a glass pot nothing else will do, there simply is no other way of enjoying blooming tea. Choose a larger sized teapot for several dinner party guests or to achieve the full effect of some of the taller flowering tea displays.

For the unaware a flowering tea or blooming tea is a small bundle of dried tea leaves and flowers that have been tightly sewn together with cotton or silk thread into a ball or other small shape. When steeped, the bundle absorbs water and expands causing the dried flowers within to break free and unfurl emulating a blooming flower

If you are a tea lover you will become enchanted by being allowed to witness the once secret gyrations of your freshly brewing tea now revealed to you through the walls of a little glass teapot, your pleasure in the tea experience will be amazingly enhanced by the simple act of now being able to view the tea as it dances to the silent music of the hot water as it ebbs and flows around the pot ,no tea lover should suffer the deprivation of not being able to watch his or her own private tea dance so treat yourself to a glass teapot soon don’t wait for some one to buy one for you, you need one now.